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modern militia movement

get away from google




Foto Forensics

Have you ever wondering
if a photo is real or not
Well here's the place where you can put in a photo address
or upload a photo from your device
and verify if it's Photoshop or not
It's quite simple
if the photo is smooth, all black
and just the outline of the person
then it's real
but if you see a whole bunch of dots
nine times out of ten that's Photoshop

People they're just jokes

All I got to say is we have to learn how to laugh at ourselves
stop taking everything so serious
but for those who can't comprehend this concert
it's an old saying I like to say
"if you're offended, then it was intended"


The hottest female in comedy

A Black Lady Sketch Show

New Episodes Fridays at 11pm | HBO
Click the image below

Dry Bar Comedy

Funny for Everyone. Stand up comedy for everyone in the family.


Political satire

Cracking the Phuck☝UP

And this section of channels will guarantee that tickle your funny bone
I bet you
You cannot ✋ stop laughing while watching these channels
So if you're feeling down
Watch these channels
& we will guarantee to have you
Crackling you up phuck ☝ UP

The TK Kirkland show

Basically grown man conversations

The 5150 show

With your host Corey Holcomb

Camp Lakebottom

An animated comedy about 12-year-old prankster McGee, who was headed for an awesome summer at Camp Sunny Smiles when his bus took a wrong turn and landed him at old, run down and ridiculously spooky CAMP LAKEBOTTOM! McGee soon discovers though that Lakebottom is not just your average camp; it's the BEST CAMP EVER! That is, if you're into surfing "killer" waves, eating french flies at lunch and having monsters as counselors. It may seem scary, but McGee and his pals Gretchen and Squirt are having a blast and will do anything to protect Lakebottom from his nemesis Buttsquat at the snooty camp across the lake, Camp Sunny Smiles.


Story about urban life & trying to survive
The best way we know how


When many kids dream to be a hero
This unusual kid dreams to be sidekick

Lil ron ron the Animated Series

Lil Ron Ron is an adult animated urban web series created by Brandon Reed and Ron Bush. The episodic series follows Lil Ron Ron, a precocious six-year-old boy, caught in the middle of his parent’s separation drama. The parent’s desire is to rekindle their relationship, but they can’t seem to get past their issues. Lil Ron Ron innocently tells on both parents and every encounter inevitably spirals into confusion and hilarity -- proving no secret is safe around him. Lil Ron Ron's comedic sensibility and epic catch phrases "Lil Ugly Dude" "Yep, mmhhmm Cheese sticks taste real good" will have viewers yearning for more


Click the image below to get lost in a fantasy world

M.R.'s Cartoon Universe

You can see cartoons from way past back
or cartoons of today
Bring back those Saturday morning feeling everyday

M.R.'s Online Comic-Con

It doesn't matter if you're a kid
or an adult who never lost their sense of adventure
Here's where you can get your daily fix of classic comics to brand new comics
all at one place
welcome to Comic-Con

Secret Origin of Super Villains

Click the image below

Jon Solo

A place to hear about the shockingly messed up origins of your favorite childhood stories.

Welcome to M.R.'s Warp-Vision

Welcome to a strange world
that can bend your reality
Come take a journey through
multiple dimensions
which can put you through
the past the present and the future
If you would like to experience 

the DUST channel click on this link in blue

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To inter the Sy-Fy wire Channel

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV

Sy-Fy Wire

The Sy-Fy wire Channel

M.R.'s Let The Gamers begin

Some people watch just to get their techniques and skills up
While others just watch because they enjoy good gameplay
And we have a few who just watch to ? hear the commentary
Either way it's time to
Let The Gamers begin
To enter the Gamers domain
click on the picture below
Let The Gamers begin

My Abandonware

was created in February 2009 as a revival of oldware.net. Over the years, thousands of games have been added to the site. We want to create the best video game museum on the web and let everyone around the world enjoy the incredible amount of great software created in the 80s and 90s.

Until now, we have focused our work on the DOS era, with some very rare titles found in the deep web, and some sent by our awesome visitors. More recent games and other platforms are available now. Enjoy!

Candace B. Harris

Upcoming actress already a web star
Candace B. Harris is an actress best known for roles in TV One's "Bobbi Kristina" biopic (Taylor)
Click the image below to find out
her body of work

Have you seen these movies yet?

What's popping in the movie theater?

M.R.'s Flixs

This section is dedicated to the independent, low budget, short films plays web series & hood movies

ObamaGate movie

ObamaGate Movie | With Dean Cain & Kristy Swanson | Co-Produced By The Unreported Story Society


A alternative way to keep you informed on what's going on in entertainment

Welcome to M.R.'s theater playhouse

When you want to do something different
And don't want to take your date to the movies
Here's an idea
Click image below
To find a theater closest to you

City of War

The web series is a story about
life in these trenches

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CW Seed

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